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Our Team
Kai Littrell
Executive Director
Dana Larchick
Pantry Manager
Laura Rhodes
Pantry Volunteer
Joselyn Bingham
Pantry Volunteer
Pantry Volunteer
Kim Cliffton
Garden Manager
Dena Jaffee
STEAM/Nutrition Educator
Allen Denning
Farm Helper
Laraine McGhee
Garden Volunteer
Barbie Spinning
Garden Volunteer
Ben Green
Garden Volunteer
Ty Mangum
Operations Assistant
LDS Missionaries
Garden and Pantry Volunteers
Our Board
Catherine Romero
Dick Spinning
Vice President
Deanna Crisler
Abigail Quintana
Irene Schmoller
John Nichols
Tiana Cruz
Mindy Rios
Renae Maldonado
Victoria Castro
Thomas Elms
Our Story

Our Neighbors Farm & Pantry (then known as The Graham County Interfaith Care Alliance) was founded in 2004 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  The organization started as a food pantry and after receiving donated land a garden soon followed. The garden has been key to helping us stay on track with our mission of creating access to healthy food options for all of Graham County. We harvest fresh produce from the garden to use in our pantry on our distribution days! Although the garden provides us with produce it does not grow all of the fresh vegetables and fruit we need, we still depend on donations and grants to help us with the rest. We believe no matter what a person’s financial situation or hardship is, they deserve access to healthy food options! The pantry is here for all of Graham County and beyond, we understand food security isn’t a straight line and it only takes one emergency to set you back. With our help, Our Neighbors Farm & Pantry hopes to see less families in Graham County being forced to choose between paying a bill or eating.


Drip tape irrigation – reduces water evaporation by slowly dripping water to the roots. Our water is also mixed with soluble fertilizer to reduce our work.

Solar Array – the solar array reduces the pantry costs by several hundred dollars each month. It doesn’t cover all costs because of the large conex walk-in refrigerator, 2 commercial freezers, and 3 commercial refrigerators.

Water Harvesting – 3 structures are harvesting water and being used to water our garden.

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    Working for basic, quality food for everyone in Graham County


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